January 18, 2016

Gelato, Ice Cream & Sorbets by Linda Tubby

Gelato, Ice Creams & Sorbets
My rating: 5 of 5 spoons


The first time I visited Sicily, I couldn't wait to try the gelato. I decided on pistachio the first time, and never moved beyond it that first trip...it was just that good. My next trip I branched out and tried the Bacio, which is a dark chocolate and hazelnut blend. Heaven in a dish! It immediately became my favorite and though I would try bites of others' choices--and even thoroughly enjoy them--pistachio and bacio became my favorite, go-to choices. Needless to say, I was absolutely delighted to find recipes for both in this darling cookbook. I started with the Bacio. Now this recipe is called Bacio con Bianchini e Nocciole meaning "Rich Chocolate Gelato with Meringues and Hazelnut". I have a confession to make...I ditched the meringues! I'm somewhat of a purist at times, and it just wasn't something I was interested in it cluttering up my Bacio gelato. Oh, my! It's absolutely amazing! Feel free to add the meringues, but I can attest to the amazing flavor of this gelato without them.

Of course, now it was time for the Pistachio. Most pistachio ice cream or gelato that I've had in the States tastes like ice cream with pistachios in it. I remember my first bite in Agrigento, Sicily and how amazed I was at the deep flavor. It wasn't just a pistachio flavor, but was like you were eating pistachios themselves only it was ice cream. I had high hopes for this recipe and let me just say I was NOT disappointed!! With the first bite I was transported back to that little street in Agrigento having my first taste of Sicilian gelato. I kid you not, it was that good!! The punch of pistachio is just amazing. I will admit, that I added more pistachios that called for as I added some whole, toasted pistachios while it was churning, but you still would have that amazing flavor without them.

I have only made the two recipes so far, but they have definitely sold me on this book! So many gelato recipes, so little time! My kids love different flavors, so they will keep me trying more and I still want to dive into the sorbets. This little book has definitely earned its way onto my favorites shelf! I am very happy to highly recommend it!

I received a copy of this book from Pavilion through IPG for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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