March 13, 2013

No, I haven't been neglecting my cookbooks!

I realize I haven't posted cookbook reviews in awhile and I just wanted you to know that I'm not just slacking off here! :-)  Between multiple rounds of the flu and moving into our house, things have been more than  little crazy.  Also, some of the cookbooks I review are through  I get a digital copy for a limited amount of time.  However, some of them do not want you to publish reviews until a certain time such as 30 days before publishing, or even the week of the publishing date.  I do have to go ahead and read them so I don't lose my copy before it's reviewed, so I have some review sitting on my computer until such time as I can publish them.  (One of them I can't publish until JUNE!!)  I have two more to write reviews for (that I can't post from 10 days to a month), but I hope to have some new reviews posted here later this week or next week at the latest.  Thank your for your patience.

Happy Cooking!!

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