October 11, 2014

Indian for Everyone by Anupy Singala

Indian for Everyone: The Home Cook's Guide to Traditional Favorites
My rating: 5 of 5 spoons

I have fond memories of going to a huge Indian festival in Texas (of all places!), and just enjoying the culture and food--especially the food! Real curries, kabobs and the most incredible desserts have long remained a delicious memory for me. I was delighted to receive this book to recreate some amazing Indian food for myself and my family.

This beautiful book is well laid out in a very thoughtful manner. You start with 'Tools of the Trade', letting you know what tools are necessary for recipes in this book. From there you move to 'Indian Spices and Herbs', a sort of glossary of the different spices used. 'The Fridge and Pantry' come next, and then you move right into the recipes. Instead of trying to buy pre-mixed versions of spices such as Tandoori or Garam Masala, why not make your own? Multiple spice mixes are laid out here before moving on to Chutneys and more. I love that you won't find a store-bought curry powder in any of these recipes. Instead, you have a delightful, mix of authentic Indian spices.

The author leans vegan, so there is tofu recipes scattered throughout, but meat dishes are included as well. On the other side, if you're vegetarian or vegan, there are often substitutes listed to make the dish available to you as well. My daughters love Naan (bread), so they were delighted to see the recipe included here. I forsee a baking day with all of us in the kitchen trying our hand at this luscious Indian bread.

This is a lovely, high-quality book that is wonderful to cook from, but is equally at home on the coffee table available for browsing at any time. A delight to cook from, I highly recommend this cookbook!

I received a copy of this book from Agate Publishing for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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